Each year, the Rotary Foundation grants over 700 Grant Scholarships via the Rotary Districts.


Consistent with the Rotary Foundation’s mission, the purpose of these Grant Scholarships is to foster international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries by:

  • raising awareness of and respect for other cultures by offering fellows the opportunity to study abroad;

  • fostering the Rotary ideal by active participation in Rotary actions;

  • encouraging fellows to focus their personal and occupational life on improving living conditions in their home country and abroad;

  • training future community leaders who are able to resolve humanitarian issues worldwide;

  • placing sufficient emphasis on all regions of the world;

  • encouraging Rotarians worldwide to offer more opportunities to students of poor countries;

  • building a lasting relationship between Rotary and the fellows in the long run.


Districts 1620, 1630 and 2170 (Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) provide a series of scholarships. These scholarships are intended for newly graduated students, or students who will graduate in the current academic year. They offer them the opportunity to pursue their studies in a university or higher educational institution abroad.

Each District can define its own criteria as to the selection of applicants. The applicant should check with the Rotary Club of his or her residence or the city where he or she studies whether scholarships are provided by the District and whether he or she can submit his or her application within the prescribed deadline.

Please note that not every District has the possibility to offer these scholarships.

An application file will be prepared in consultation with a Rotarian using the application form provided by the Rotary Foundation and subsequently submitted by a Rotary Club.

There are different types of scholarships available.

Districts from Belgium and Luxembourg offer the following choice:

  • a Rotary Foundation Scholarship:
    scholarship of maximum USD 27,000 for a full academic year;

  • District Scholarships:
    D 1630 and D 2170: six to seven scholarships of EUR 8,000 to 12,000 for one year or less.
    D 1620: since the foundation of the non-profit organization
    vzw Studax, ‘District scholarships’ have been suppressed and District 1620 solely proposes Rotary Foundation scholarships.

The applicant (m or f)

  • lives and/or studies in the District;

  • must have completed two academic years of graduate studies or have a two-year professional experience (some Districts require applicants to hold a university degree or a degree in higher technical or arts education);

  • intends to attend a first specialisation course abroad for a period not exceeding one year;

  • chooses a study project which genuinely complements the one he or she has completed;

  • may be of any age;

  • may be married;

  • is sufficiently proficient in the language spoken by the teachers at the host institution and the national language of the host country;

  • indicates in which institution he or she wishes to pursue his or her studies;

  • has never been awarded a Rotary scholarship; extra financial help through other fellowships is however allowed;

  • does not have the required financial resources and needs additional financial support;

  • must be able to act as an ‘ambassador’ of Belgium and of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;

  • will write a final report upon his or return from his or her stay abroad.

In addition for applicants to the Rotary Foundation scholarship:

  • they must specify five possible educational institutions, of which a maximum of two are located in the same country;

  • they have not yet studied in the country in which they wish to pursue their studies, on the understanding that a stay of up to three months is allowed;

  • they may not be related to a Rotarian.
    Are not eligible: Rotarians, honorary members and employees of a Rotary Club, Rotary District or any other Rotary entity and their spouses/partners and relatives.


Maximum term of two years.


The Rotary District should submit the application file at the latest by 1 October to the Rotary Foundation.
For information about the deadline of a Rotary District, please contact the Rotary District Officer in charge of scholarships.

Decision of the Rotary Foundation: on 15 December.

Selection criteria and sponsorship

As a reminder, each application should be submitted to a Rotary Club. Applications which are directly submitted to the Rotary Foundation are not taken into account.

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